Football is the most watched sports activity in the world, to say the least. In the last final of the World Cup between France and Croatia, more than 2 billion people were in front of their screens to follow this confrontation between the two teams. We can also mention the famous classico Real Madrid against his opponent always Barcelona that attracts each game morebillion viewers. Given the global success of this sport that federates crowds and nations, some TV channels have sniffed the good vein and have not hesitated to put a lot of money to buy the broadcast rights of major football competitions of the moment, in Europe Where in the world. Whether it’s the Champions League, the Liga BBVA, the first English League, or the French league 1, TV channels are waging a ruthless war to obtain the exclusive broadcast of these championships. Large sums of money are put into play by these media companies who hope to attract the audience and make their expenses profitable through a subscription system. Subscriptions which the spectator will have to pay if he wishes to follow his favorite matches.

In this context of constant bidding, sports subscriptions and more particularly those channels offering the broadcast of major football games, are becoming increasingly expensive and a large majority of people can not afford these monthly expenses. This is where some Unibet Live Sport websites come inwhich offer you to follow your favorite games for free. This is called “live streaming” and it has become a common practice in the lives of a lot of football fans around the world. These sites offer the broadcast of major matches of major competitions that you can access with a single click. In return, these sites get the necessary funding for their operation through a billboard system constantly displayed on the screen and pop-ups that open when you click the play button. advertisingHowever, there are some programs whose function is to block these invasive advertisements, allowing you to enjoy your match as if you were watching from your TV. These sites exist by the thousands on the internet and a simple search on google will allow you to find them. However, be careful when choosing sites that accept ad blockers.

In addition to these streaming sites that earn a lot of money through these advertising systems, other sites also earn a lot thanks to what is called “sports betting”. Indeed, we no longer count the number of websites offering everyone to make bets on the big games of the day. The system of this bet is very simple. All you have to do is put some money on the team you believe in, and if she wins the match, you will receive double the amount bet. However, in case of defeat of the team in question, you can say goodbye to your money. These sites have both advantages and disadvantages that you will need to consider. You are reminded that betting can be addictive and you will need to act with caution!